Maurvangen is a camping place wich is open the whole year. Maurvangen is situated close to the big mountains of Jotunheimen, 1000 meters above seelevel. Our nearest neighbour is the popular fishing river Sjoa, and there is walking distance to the boats at lake Gjende. The boat will take you to Memurubu and from there you can walk the famous route Besseggen. There is also a short walk to other popular routes like Knutshø and other mountains in Jotunheimen nationalpark. Maurvangen is a great place to start a memoriable stay in one of the most beautiful mountainareas in Norway.


The great nature around us is a very popular destination for both short and long trips, summer and winter. We have both camping and cabin rentals, restaurant and cafe, shop and reception, with something to suit every taste.



We have 26 cabins at Maurvangen. All the cabins has a livingroom with a fireplace and sofa, dining room and kitchen. In the kitchen you will find all you need to cock.

19 of the cabins has a bathroom, these cabins also have two bedrooms. All the cabins has feather quilt and pillow, bedclothes you can rent in the reception or you can bring your own.

Wood you can also buy in the reception.


When you leave you check out in the reception and you can decide if you want to clean the cabin your self or you can pay us to do it for you. All the cabins has a great view over the area and the mountains around us.




Our camping place lays near the river Sjoa and is therefore a very nice place to camp.

You can come with your caravan or your tent. Here you will find a service house wich contains toilets, shower rooms, sauna, washing machine and possibilities to dry your clothes. By the river you will find a barbecue place, and a little dam where your children can do some fishing.







Tent/car (big/lavo)

                                          NOK 260,-                           NOK 260,-

NOK 250,-          

NOK 400,-                            NOK 230,-

NOK 250,-      


Power     NOK 40,-

Extra pr. person over 10 years     NOK 40,-

Shower tokens    NOK 15,-.

In the main building you will find the reception for both the camping and cabins. Here you will also find a shop where you can buy what you need for the evening as well as souvernirs. Hunting and fishing license is also sold here, as well as some fishing equipment. In the main season we got newspapers.


In our restaurant we serve traditional homemade food, based on local products.

Our father, Svein, runs his own slaughtery beside of being the owner of Maurvangen. Most of the food we serve in our restaurant is made by Svein. And his "kjøttkaker" is known as the best in world!

Other meals we serve is homemade "karbonade" and steak. You can also have trout wich we get from the lakes surrounding us. In our bar you can buy all kinds of drinks, this offer you can enjoy both to your meal and in the living room in front of the fireplace. If you want to buy some coffee you can have fresh made "vaffel" or home made cake. After we bought Maurvangen we have built a veranda, and here you can sit and look at the river Sjoa.



Det flotte området rundt oss er et veldig populært utgangspunkt for både korte og lengre turer, sommer som vinter. Vi har både campingplass og hytteutleie, restaurant og kafe, butikk og resepsjon, altså noe for enhver smak.


We are situated close to the lake Gjende and the boats that will take you into the heart of Jotunheimen. These boats are the natural startingpoint for walks as Besseggen, Bukkelægeret, Surtningsui or the beautiful walk by the lake from Memurubu to Gjendesheim. We also recommend just to go with the boat, wich is a great experience.


On Maurvangen you can see bunnies, groose and other animals near the cabins. And the possibility to take part in guided hunting trips will surely be a great experience for everybody! Tor Erik has been hunting and fishing since he learned to walk and knows the area better than most people. If you prefer fishing we can show you the best places for that. A lot of people prefer to spend the evening by the river, but if you don`t want to fish you can sit by the fire and enjoy the evening there. We can also offer guided trips to lakes as Bukkehammertjern, Leirungen, Gjende and Sjoa if there is a group wich is interested.


Beeing situated close to the national park and having many many kilometres with ski tracks, Maurvangen is a great place to start your skitrip. We are making the skitracks ourselves so if you have questions about them there is always someone to help you here. In short distance from Maurvangen we have ski tracks for everyone. Difficult ones in the mountain as well as flat tracks for the less experienced.


Hunting and fishing is also possible in wintertime. If you want to experience a weekend with your friends or family Maurvangen is a nice place to do this. Other things we do here in the winter is ice fishing. This is a very nice experience, especially making a fire on the ice in the evening. This is also very popular among the children on the camping place and cabins.


Besseggen is Norway's most gone hike with its well 30,000 visitors each year. Most people choose to take the boat from Gjendesheim to Memurubu and then return. The trip normally takes 5-7 hours.


From Memurubu rises quite steeply up the first hour, until it eventually flattens out and goes down to "band" between Bessvatn (1374 m) and Gjende (984 meters). Here, many choose to take a little break and enjoy the sight of the dark blue Bessvatn and the emerald Gjende, before starting the actual "cutting edge."


Here it is about 400 meters straight down to Gjende. Parts of the ridge is rather narrow, in some places it may be difficult with oncoming traffic. But this is solved with good cooperation! Once you have come up the ridge, many choose to eat lunch box. And don`t forget not to turn up to enjoy the view towards Gjende and the Gjende Alps!


Furthermore, there is a clear path towards Gjendesheim over Veslefjell. On top of the mountain pass a large pile of rocks, which marks the highest point on the tour, 1743 m. About one kilometer from Gjendesheim path splits into two, the left goes towards Glitterheim and Bessheim, the other leading down towards Gjendesheim and Gjende.


The trip down from Veslefjell is at times quite steep, but the trail is nice. Since there is such heavy traffic over Besseggen DNT is working to add stone path. Go therefore only by trail, and not next to it. This is to prevent unnecessary wear on the vegetation and terrain in general.


The tour has a total length of 17 km. It is also possible to go from Gjendesheim to Memurubu then take the boat back home. Want to go out boating season you can go back and forth. The Besseggen lies halfway.



Gjende og Bessvatn

Gjende is perhaps the strongest name that is associated with Jotunheimen next yo Besseggen and Galdhøpiggen. Gjende is about 20 km long and averaging about 1 km wide. Mountain walls rising at most nearly 1,300 meters up from the water surface. Gjende is with its depth of about 150 meters the deepest lake in the Jotunheimen National Park (Bygdin is deeper, but lies outside the national park).




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Besseggen Fjellpark

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Summer access: Maurvangen is on National Road 51, open in summer. Daily Nor-Way bus 161 from Oslo via Fagernes. By car, you can drive to Maurvangen, either via Otta or Sjoa to Randsverk and onward, or via Fagerness and Beitostølen, via National Road 51 over the Valdresflya plateau to Maurvangen. There are direct train services to Otta from Trondheim and from Oslo, and a daily bus service from Otta to Gjendesheim.

Winter access: By car, you may drive from the north on National Road 51 via Randsverk, though from the south, via Beitostolen and the Valdresflya plateau, the road is closed in winter.

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